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January 16th, 2010 — 2:00am

Amreeka* * *
– rm – A divorced Palestinian women and her 16 year old son get an answer to a request made several years previously allowing them to emigrate to the United States . They move to middle America to live with her sister and her physician husband who have three children. The time period is just after the United States has invaded Iraq and the mood of the United States and their Illinois community appears to be a generalized anti-Arab feeling. There is taunting of the children in school and the doctor’s patients are leaving his practice. The difficulties of this new immigrant and her son to adjust to a new country with problems for the mother of getting a good job and conflicts in school for the teenager could have been the tribulations of other groups at other times. The story line only briefly reflects upon the Palestinian-Israeli issues and there is a suggestion of hope for future relationships in the appearance of kindly Jewish principal who befriends the struggling Palestinian women who is trying to make it in America. This is a somewhat simple film that is not done badly and is a story worth telling. (2009)

Comment » | 4 Stars, Drama

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