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Dark Waters

January 7th, 2020 — 7:14pm


Dark Waters-rm

This is an important documentary film that we would hope that as many people as possible could see it and be informed of its contents. It is produced by Mark Ruffalo, who stars in the film as the lawyer who takes on the DuPont Chemical Company to expose the large scale damage to people and the environment done by their product related to Teflon. The movie is directed by Todd Haynes and has an all star supporting cast of actors including Tim Robbins, Bill Camp, Victor Garber, Bill Pullman, Anne Hathaway, and Marie Winningham. It is based on the New York Times magazine article “The lawyer who became DuPont’s worst nightmare” by Nathaniel Rich and was adopted for screen by Mario Correa and Matthew Carnahan. It is a painful movie that will more likely have you squirming in your seat rather than sitting on the edge of it as you realize the drawn-out painful process that had to be gone through over many years in order to gain recognition of the dangerous harmful effects on people by the chemical produced by DuPont. The process of recognizing this dangerous situation has been very slow but the staggering amount of compensation this mega corporation is beginning to pay out to the unwitting victims finally is achieving some small amount of justice. This movie deserves kudos for taking on the story and deserves to be seen by many moviegoers.( 2020 )


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Rachel Getting Married

September 6th, 2010 — 2:15am

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Rachel Getting Married
– rm – Anne Hathaway stars and could win awards for her portrayal of the sister of the bride who has just come out of drug rehab to attend her sister’s wedding. She has the nuances and character of what shrinks may call a Borderline Personality. The writer who is the daughter of famed Director Sidney Lumet has captured the complicated relationship between Hathaway’s character and her sister, the bride and framed it with interesting studies of their parents – the mother being played by Deborah Winger. Unfortunately, in our opinion, the movie is quite remarkable for the first 2/3 of it. After an overly long wedding scene with symbolism we didn’t quite get, the film seems to fade. It needed a film doctor to complete it. However we still think it is worthwhile –if for nothing else to see Ms. Hathaway’s outstanding performance. 2008

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