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Margin Call

October 6th, 2011 — 7:08am



Margin Call sp     Early in this movie, we see that a brilliant junior member of a Wall Street brokerage team has pieced together information that allows him to realize that derivatives that they had put together from which lots of money had been made for their firm have fallen apart. After taking the information to their bosses up the line, the head honcho has to make a decision whether to try to sell everything although they know it has little value. To execute this would mean that supervisors and brokers alike would have convince other brokers to buy what they had figured out was essentially “garbage”. This fairly succinct plot has captured the Wall Street debacle which involved a few brokerage houses, the results of  which we are still struggling with today. J.C. Chandor, whose father apparently had been a big time broker, pulled together the story and wrote the brilliant script. It was the strength of this story and the vision which Chandor had for the film which convinced Zachary Quinto who also acted in  the movie to sign on with his first time producing team to make the movie . The plot is really actor driven as the overwhelming majority of the film takes place in one floor of an office building with a good deal of talking. However, the actors obviously liked the opportunity that the script gave them as they couldn’t have signed on for the money. The total budget to make this independent film was about 3 million dollars and it was done in 17 days facilitated by the use of digital photography and the “Red Camera.”.  J.C. Chandler executed his story quite well in his first feature film. The all star cast who joined him consisted of  Kevin Spacey, Paul Betany, Jeremy Irons, Zachary Quinto, Penn Badgley , Simon Baker, Stanley Tucci and Demi Moore. The photography, lighting and the subtle musical score complements the undercurrent of the story. You may not understand some of the financial issues which brought about the crisis but the ethical and personal decisions  that emerged were crystal clear and makes for a riveting movie.  (2011)

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The Joneses

September 6th, 2010 — 8:32am

The Joneses**
The Joneses
– sp – Very close to the beginning of the film, you realize that the Jones family who are moving into an affluent suburban area are actually a business team who pretend to be a family of a loving couple and two teenagers. Their purpose is to infiltrate the neighborhood, win the friendship and hearts of each of their peers and influence them to buy and consume all the expensive and glitzy things which they are being paid to promote. This is a clever premise which allows the film to attempt to explore some of the things that are wrong with our society where materialism often predominates over meaningful relationships. David Duchovny does a sensitive portrayal of the so-called Dad of the family. His pretend wife is Demi Moore who is the leader of the “team” who mostly is strictly business but for unexplained reasons shows some ambivalence. Amber Heard and Ben Hollingsworth do good acting jobs in their roles as pretend teens who take on the youth of the community with more than just parties. There seems to be a lot of driving around in Audis and hitting golf balls as well as promoting cosmetics. While the characters evolved and changed, we in the audience were not very moved. It was part comedic and part a grim movie. Perhaps they couldn’t decide which way to go. The ending was drawn out and didn’t seem right or satisfying. (2010)

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November 7th, 2009 — 1:06am

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– nf – You can call this a good diamond heist movie. Demi Moore plays the passed over women diamond executive who decides to try to change her life by going over to the criminal side. She is seduced into the big caper by an about to retire janitor played by Michael Caine who has his own motivation. There is the requisite detective who is working to solve the crime and moments of suspense with the appropriate musical background. The plot seemed a little contrived and at times somewhat fuzzy. You may even feel a little warm and fuzzy at the end after the clever plot twists and “hold your breath” moments. 2007

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