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We Live In Public

September 7th, 2010 — 1:49am

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We Live In PublicWe Live In Public
– sp – This is documentary that followed the main character and his activities for about 25 years. Josh Harris as an awkward young man realized the potential of the Internet and became a multimillionaire before the dot com crash. He was also obsessed with how the coming generation would display themselves in public through the potential of the Internet. In the 1990s in New York he set up The Bunker which was an experimental underground living arrangement where people would live in an elaborated constructed set up with a multitude of video cameras which would allow them to view each other at will in every private and public aspect of their lives. Subsequently Mr. Harris offers his own living arrangement with his girl friend to be totally accessible to the Internet Documentary maker Ondi Timoner is given access to all this footage plus interviews with Mr. Harris, his family, friends and associates. What emerges is picture at man who may be a prophetic genius who has understood and predicted the social changes that the Internet with Facebook, My Space, You Tube and Twitter is now demonstrating. The film also shows the origins that made this man a troubled not very well liked individual who had great difficulty with relationships and perhaps led to his at times bizarre behavior which was never fully explained Also, people shown in the film were not exactly typical representations of that generation. For example just about all the people shown to be willing to live in the Bunker were identified as “Performance Artists” but yet the film seemed to be implying that was a new trend in this generation. Ms Timoner who wrote, directed, produced and edited this film had a clear vision of what she wanted to say about this man and his own vision of modern technology. We may need several years to see if she and he are correct. It is films such as this one that makes us realize that our rating system for the usual films we have screened may not be applicable for documentaries. The quality of the film was OK and it is possible that significance of the film may turn out to be very great.

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