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Waiting for Forever

February 4th, 2011 — 8:09am


Waiting for Forever: This is a quirky but very well done film, which will completely touch you or you will write it off as in implausible fairy tale. Very early in the film you understand that Will Donner (Tom Sturridge) lost his parents in a train crash when he was 10 years old and moved away from his home to live with an uncle, leaving behind his best friend and life long playmate, Emma (Rachel Bilson). Now here is the tricky part. When he gets older Will follows Emma from city to city just to be near her. He has great trouble approaching her and reintroducing himself to her, so this goes on for several years while she ultimately becomes a television actress. Will is content to be a street juggler/clown and gets by. Inevitably things happen. The key to the movie is the acting of Sturridge as he inhabits the character of Will and projects him as likable, sincere guy with a good heart. He doesn’t come across as a psychopathic stalker and doesn’t seem to be psychotic, although he would have to be somewhat damaged by his childhood trauma. You may find yourself rooting for him as he ultimately approaches the love of his life. While Will is certainly an unusual person who lives an atypical life, the other characters in the story demonstrate complexities and realism. Veteran actors Richard Jenkins and Blythe Danner are terrific as Emma’s parents as they deal with the anticipated death of Jenkins’ character. Bilson as Emma struggles with this event as well as her own love life.  Scott Mechlowicz is excellent as the Will’s older brother, now a successful banker. He is frustrated at his brother’s behavior but understanding and loving him as well as having shared the family tragedy. James Keach, veteran actor/producer/director who directed this movie was the guest at our screening. He clearly had an affinity for this story and he described it as a labor of love for which he took no money up front. In his role as director/producer he completed the film in 24 days with a relatively tiny 3 million dollar budget . It will open in one theater in Los Angeles 10 days before Valentine’s Day, which may be just the occasion to draw in people who will spread the warm feelings about the movie.

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