A Secret Love

A Secret Love- (Netflix)

We came to this documentary film believing it was about a pioneering case that challenged the law about same-sex couples and helped to make ground breaking precedent. We were obviously mistaken in our expectation. Who we did meet were two amazing women, Pat Henschel and Terry Donahue, the latter of whom had been an established professional women’s baseball player in her younger years. They did find romance in a time when love between women was usually not openly expressed. The film was directed by Chris Bolan who is the great nephew of Ms. Donahue. The movie followed these women into their senior years and we see how their families came to accept them and how they transitioned into a senior living facility. This is a touching movie about a love affair between two women, which will inspire future generations of women who might now be more able to openly express such feelings.

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  1. Seena Sharp

    Definitely 4 stars. Movie was so authentic and heartbreaking in that they had to keep a secret for more than 50/70 years. At least they were together. How did their families not suspect anything (except one person.) drives home the point that when you don’t (or society doesn’t) allow people to be open and truthful, they’ll find a way – but at a cost.

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