Another Earth


Another Earth- sp This film grabs you from the beginning and then leads you into a unique premise. Screenwriter and director Mike Cahill in his first feature film is clearly quite talented and achieved a very good-looking film on a shoestring budget. He and co writer Brit Marling, who also starred in the movie have a great imagination and a very subtle touch. They also pulled in excellent photography and great music background to sustain the mood of the film. Veteran actor William Mapother  joins them and he and Marling appear to occupy the screen just about all the time. Flashes of television news reports, talking heads and other clips establish the appearance of “ Another Earth” or “Earth Two “ as it is called.  We also see our twin planet in the sky throughout the film and are introduced to the idea that that such a situation would appear to have everything  including people exactly the same as on our own Earth.  The implication to Marling’s character is quite profound as both  characters are enduring unbearable suffering. In our post film  discussion with Cahill and Marling  it seems that they feel that the human condition leads people to have a  great desire to understand themselves and the possibility of meeting oneself, commiserating and perhaps even altering one’s fate and suffering is a universal fantasy. Perhaps because we are always preoccupied with the idea that self reflection and therapy is the way to go when there is such a need or perhaps we just  couldn’t give up our reality base, the movie didn’t work as well with us as it did with the Sundance crowd who chose it as a festival winner and with Fox Searchlight who picked it up for big time distribution. It will be making the rounds later this month, on this Earth. (2011)


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