Baby It’s You

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Baby It’s You
– nf – This movie was made 26 years ago in 1983 and it is about growing up in the mid 1960s. Those of us who were around at that time should be able to attest that it depicted this era quite well. The setting is senior year of high school in New Jersey where a college bound upper middle class Jewish girl played by Rosanna Arquette has a romance with blue collar Italian boy played by Vincent Spano. She goes away to Sara Lawrence and he follows his not so obtainable dream working in Florida. The trials and tribulations of a young woman in her first year at an all girl’s school with dorm life, alcohol, marijuana, and visits from the guys from Princeton etc are nicely captured by Director /Writer John Sayles with the help of an appropriate sound track. Some resolution of the unfinished high school romance has to be played out as is often the case in all generations. We thought this movie can be evocative for those who lived through those years or thereabouts and yet could also find meaning to today’s youth who would be using their cell phones or texting rather than the dormitory hallway telephone. That almost make this a classic. 1983

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