Iron Cross

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Iron Cross
– sp – Screen writer and director Joshua Newton said that his father, a holocaust survivor who lost most of his family at the hands of the Nazis, had a great deal of bottled up anger for most his life. His son often fantasized what his father would do if by some coincidence he ever encountered any of the murderers of his family. He also wondered what he himself would do if his father asked him to help him revenge their deaths in such a situation. Newton then recognized that these thoughts could be the nucleus of just the kind of movie he wanted to create which would help to fill in the lack of education that the current generation has about the holocaust. He was able to convince Roy Scheider to star in what would be Mr. Scheider’s last film and he makes his final bow with very fine performance. In addition the director has cast his own teenage son to play the younger version of the Scheider character. The setting starts off in modern day Germany as an older survivor is visiting his son who is now living in Germany. The movie is filled with powerful and poignant flashbacks to his youthful journey of encountering the Nazis, surviving them and then returns to his modern day quest for revenge. The film has suspense, drama and the powerful emotion that this subject matter usually brings forth. Newton’s use of music and sound provides explanation points at every turn. The edits and the merges are at times unexpected and a few scenes are perhaps a little too drawn out. However the characters, their dilemma’s and actions become quite clear and unforgettable. This movie will be released in May and it was our first preview of 2010, If it is indicative of the quality of films that we will see this year, we are in for quite a treat. (2010)

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