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Play the Game-nf We debated whether we should give this movie a two star or a one star which is our lowest rating. It is not that the movie wasn’t pleasant, held our attention and perhaps made us smile a few times. It was “smaltzy”, perhaps a little cute. However it was also quite predictable, showed older folks in a stereotypical if not demeaning manner, had little defects in the continuity, had just fair acting with pros such as Andy Griffith, Doris Roberts and Liz Sheridan who probably could have done better if given a decent story. And what was the story? Old man (Andy Griffith) is in senior living facility after his wife of many years dies, feels lonely and sad. Grandson David (Paul Campbell) who works as a car salesman and also knows how to con women to win them over, visits granddad and encourages him to meet new women. He would show him how to “play the game.” This means giving the woman the impression that you are really not interested and yet show yourself to be intelligent and very desirable. The next thing you know the woman is hot for you and things go from there. Grandpa only wants companionship and doesn’t want to go this route. He certainly doesn’t even think he could do the “wild thing” even if he wanted to do it. His grandson eventually convinces him to give wooing women a try because after all that is what he promised grandma he would do once she was gone. In the meantime “boychek” ends up getting conned by a girl (Marla Sokoloff) who he really likes. Grandpa, on the other hand is suddenly very successful with women in the senior residence who are all hot for him. One of them even slips him a Viagra and now he is up and ready to go. Even though you are probably not going to see this movie we are sure you will not be surprised when we tell you that it eventually has a happy ending. (2009)

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