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– rm – Did you ever imagine what it would be like if you had a magic object that would grant you any wish? That is the premise of this children’s movie and the morale of the story is to be careful what you wish for. You could even confront your own nose bugger as a giant monster. This movie follows a young kid who is pushed around a lot in school, especially by a girl his age. He and his friends find away to change things and in doing so have quite an adventure. We saw this movie with our two grandchildren who were the main reviewers of this film especially since we didn’t feel that it had any great appeal to grown ups. We all agreed that it held our interest for most of the time. Events were presented in a unique manner. There is was even an lesson to be learned as that is if we work together, we can accomplish much more than if we just do what we want as individuals. There was a little too much bullying than was needed for the story although there was no serious violence. The magical fantasies were cute but not very imaginative. Compared to some of the other children’s films that come around, this does not stand out very much but many kids will like it. 2009

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