Stolen Summer

Stolen Summer* * *
Stolen Summer
– nf – This is a lovely movie set in 1976 in Chicago. Pete, an eight year old boy from a large Catholic family begins to worry that maybe his teacher the nun, may be right and that he is destined for hell because of misbehaving. He then decides to embark upon a quest to set things right by converting a Jew so both the Jew and himself might make it to heaven. He befriends Danny, the son of a rabbi, who unfortunately turns out to have leukemia. Pete’s father, the fireman, doesn’t like his son hanging around the synagogue and the rabbi isn’t totally pleased with his son crossing himself at dinner. Although there is a touch of humor in this film it can best be described as one that is will touch you and warm your heart. Pete Jones, the writer and director was actually the star of HBO’s Project Greenlight in 2001, which was a reality TV show about the making of this movie. No matter what the documentary showed, it ended up as a sweet, well done film. Adi Stein as Pete appears to be right out of a Norman Rockwell painting freckles and all. He and the other child actors were excellent, so kudos to them and the director. Brian Dennehy had a small role as the Catholic Priest but he is always outstanding in any character that he takes on. We are glad that we saw this film (2002)

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