The Answer Man

The Answer Man* * * *
The Answer Man – sp – This is another one of those independent films that is rising to the top based on a very good script with rich juicy roles which attracts grade A actors who take a chance, in this case, on writer and first time director John Hindman. Veteran actor Jeff Daniels, whom we recently saw on the Broadway stage in the hit God and Carnage, plays a middle aged reclusive author of highly successful spiritual books but hasn’t made much of his own personal life. He meets and connects with a struggling single mother ( Lauren Graham ) as well as a young book store owner ( Lou Taylor Pucci ) who is  fresh out of alcohol rehab and chases our guru down seeking advice on how to keep his own life together. You might call this a solid comedy but the attraction here is the touching relationships between these improbable people. We agree with the word out of the Sundance Film festival that this film stands out from the crowd.  (2009)

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