World’s Greatest Dad

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World’s Greatest Dad
– sp – When comedian /screenwriter/director Bobcat Goldwait showed his script to Robin Williams, he thought that his friend might do a cameo part. Instead Mr. Williams obviously saw the potential of this project. He became the lead in this comedic satire which holds up a mirror to so many people today who are often not listening to each other. An unpleasant, unlikeable teenage son of a high school teacher ends up causing his own demise. The response of the grief stricken father is to put words in the mouth of his departed son through writings that his son never really wrote This triggers responses in everyone from his principal to the kids in school most of whom never cared for the teenager when he was alive. Their exaggerated love and identification with the now deceased young man becomes the vehicle for this movie to make it’s point about the lack of empathy and understanding which young people and grown ups often show to each other. So often film scenarios, which are dealing with these complex notions, have difficulty in coming up with a good ending. Not so in this movie, as the main character who was previously an unsuccessful writer in addition to being a barely passable school teacher has now cleansed himself of bearing false witness and we imagine would now write for the sake of telling what is true. Mr. Goldwait seems to have found a way of doing this with this movie, which may just resonate with enough people to be successful. It will be released in September. (2009)

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